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Grammar Fun: Oatmeal on Your vs. You’re

Continuing with the Oatmeal comic series – this one is on your vs. you’re. || ||

Grammar Fun: Oatmeal on Their / They’re / There

Oatmeal on Their / They’re / There. || ||

Grammar Fun: Oatmeal on Then vs. Than

Then vs. Than from The Oatmeal. || ||

Jun 5

Grammar Fun: Ancient Grammar Police

This is from the Wiley Miller’s comic: Non Sequitur. What’s your take on ending a sentence with a preposition? || ||

Jun 4

Grammar Fun: Silly signs and advertisements

Here are some bloopers sourced from Will & Guy’s page: || ||

Jun 1

Grammar Fun: Allergy to grammar errors

This one is from Cyanide & Happiness at || ||

Grammar Fun: English Teachers’ Parties

This one is from Dave Blazek’s comic – Loose Parts. || ||

Grammar Fun: Cartoon on Lie/Lay

This dog knows the difference between lie and lay. Grammar cartoon from || ||

Grammar Fun: Tribute to English Teachers

This one is for our beloved English teachers. Thank you for patiently correcting all our mistakes! Photo source: || ||

Grammar Fun: I’m Going to Hurt You

Good grammar cartoon from || ||

Grammar Fun: English Teacher’s Vandalism

“Got Milk?” – does that line bother you? || ||

May 8

Grammar Fun: Angry Flower on Apostrophe Abuse

A very popular grammar cartoon. Source: || ||

May 4

Grammar Fun: Then and Than Are Different

This one is quite comical. Found this on || ||

May 2

Grammar Fun: Keep This Door Close

This one is from world-shaker on tumblr. || ||